9-Year-Old Sells Favorite Skateboard to Take Sick Stray Dog to Vet


Stray dogs roam the streets in every city in the world. In search of a human to love them, homeless canines, fortunately, have hundreds of shelter rescuers fighting to give them a second chance at life.

While this is comforting to know, animal activists can’t do all the saving. In November 2016, a young boy from Guaymallén, Argentina, was on the verge of making a great sacrifice for his furry friend.

Posted by MLau Jorge on Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Mauco Abeiro, 9, found an abandoned dog, whom he named Rocko, wandering in his town. The male pup was suffering from a front leg injury.

Out of love and compassion, Mauco brought the animal home for a bath and meal. All the love and affection was well needed, but it wasn’t enough to heal Rocko’s leg.

Mauco turned to his mom, Laura Jorge, to fix the problem. She explained to her son that it was unlikely she could do anything for the dog given her circumstances.

“Being a single mom, my economic situation is not the same as before,” she told a local media company, according to Reshareworthy. “When I told him I had no money to pay a vet he got [upset].”

Esta noche Rocco en Canal 7… a partir d las 00:00 hs en 7 y medio!

Posted by MLau Jorge on Friday, November 25, 2016

Jorge’s sweet boy was heartbroken that she couldn’t afford the vet bill. He wanted so badly to help his four-legged pal.

There was only one thing to do next, and that was to sell his favorite skateboard for money. Mauco used his mom’s Facebook account to make a petition about Rocko.

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“Look at this dog I found on the street, [he’s] sick and has a hurt leg,” the message read. “If you are interested in skateboarding please leave your number here and my mom will call you.”

Posted by MLau Jorge on Thursday, August 17, 2017

Although Mauco’s viral post didn’t interest any potential buyers, he did grab attention from helpful donors. One lady even offered to take Rocko to a San Jose vet center with expenses paid.

The wounded doggie was finally on his way to recovery. What a true blessing to have found a genuine friend like Mauco!



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