This Adopted Kitty Got a New Home And A New Best Friend ”Foxy”.

Everyone needs a best friend. Try going through life without someone to celebrate your highs and support you through the lows. It’s not fun, let me tell you. It can be difficult finding a really good friend, though; sometimes personalities just don’t mesh! A tiny Fennec fox named Kuzma had this problem with his family’s pet dog.

Kuzma is a two-year-old Fennec fox living in Moscow with his human mom Milana. He’s an excited, furry fluff with enormous ears. He’s super friendly and loves absolutely everyone— except his family’s old dog.

Milana and her partner adopted Kuzma when he was 3-months-old. The tiny fox was very healthy, but he seemed to feel a bit alone. The couple decided he needed a friend.

“Kuzma is very friendly and gets on well with almost anyone and anything,” Milana told Metro UK. “In the beginning, we took a dog, but they did not get on well together.”

Fennec foxes are the world’s smallest breed of fox. Everything about them is tiny, with the exception of their giant, 6-inch ears. These foxes are native to the sandy areas North Africa and are said to have personalities similar to dogs.

As The Spruce explains, “Fennec foxes are quite similar to dogs, and hand raised pups are usually docile, only biting if feeling cornered or threatened. They can be trained to a leash and to come when called (still, they should always be leashed when out of the house/yard). They are also generally not afraid of strangers and are friendly to everyone. They may bother other pets in the household, if only because fennec foxes will want to play with them all the time.”

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This was definitely the case for little Kuzma when he finally found his own best friend— a placid, British Shorthair named Zima.

“They are the best of friends, even sleeping together hugging,” Milana explained.

“I would say Zima is his multifunctional friend— a cross between a nanny and playmate.”

In a video recently uploaded to YouTube by Caters TV, we see Kuzma and Zima playing games like hide-and-seek, and cuddling on the couch.

Milana told Metro UK, “For the sleep time, he [Kuzma] chooses the warmest place and often sleeps together with the cat hugging.”

Like any normal roommates, Kuzma and Zima sometimes get on each other’s nerves. Kuzma loves chasing the furry kitty and playing with her tail. But, Zima also likes sitting right on top of Kuzma’s head— so I guess they’re pretty much even.


I had never heard of a Fennec fox— never mind a Fennec fox-feline relationship. But, if you do a bit of research, you’ll see it’s much more common than you think. Check out this adorable pair.




Credit: Pawsome Animals.

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