After the neighbor’s dog got his dog pregnant, he ran over the innocent animal with mower


This crazy story happened to take place in Thailand and we cannot believe that someone would ever stoop to this level. Two lovely dogs were enjoying each other’s company on a beautiful day and while this is usually the part where we enjoy their friendship and use it as a teaching tool for others, Mother Nature had a whole different agenda in store for these animals.

If you are aware of the birds and the bees, then you can probably take a guess as to what happened next. The male dog got that itch and he decided to begin the process of mating with his gal pal. This natural act may not have been what the dog’s owners were intending, but that does not make it wrong in any way. However, the owner of the female dog decided that this would not stand.

Instead of attempting to handle the situation in a somewhat civilized manner, the owner elected to resort to violence. Mommam, a three year old dog (who is a German shepherd mix), was treated in a manner that no dog should ever be forced to experience. All he was doing was following his biological urges and the next thing he knew, he found himself on the chopping block.

The dog was held down on the ground by the female dog’s owner and he was then run over by a lawnmower. He managed to escape with his life intact, but he sustained some very severe injuries as a result of the attack. The Soi Dog Foundation pitched in to help, as Mommam’s owner did not have the money to cover the medical bills that were caused by this senseless attack.

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This incident cost the pup one of his front legs and the doctors are currently in the process of attempting to save the pup’s back right leg. If you are willing to assist the dog with his treatment costs, then be sure to head to the link provided. No dog should ever be made to suffer like this and our heart goes out to this poor pup. All he was doing was following his urges in the manner that nature intended.

As for the person responsible, we sincerely hope that they are brought to justice for their utterly monstrous behavior. Hurting an innocent animal for a reason this asinine deserves a great deal of scorn and punishment.

HIS LEGS WERE CHOPPED BY A LAWNMOWER – PLEASE HELP HIM!A couple weeks ago, we got a report of a terrible case of abuse against an innocent dog. His name is Mommam. This is his story. Mommam was a happy 3-year-old boy who enjoyed running and playing. That all changed in an instant. Mommam was cruelly punished for following his natural instincts. One day, he tried to mate with a neighbour’s female dog. Furious, the neighbour ran after Mommam and held him down. He then drove a lawnmower over poor Mommam’s legs.Mommam desperately needs donations to cover his medical care. Please give today: the terrible pain, Mommam managed to pull free from his attacker. He stumbled to his well-hidden naptime spot. And then he collapsed. When Mommam’s owner found him, he called Thailand’s animal cruelty investigation unit for help. Mommam was rushed to a local vet hospital for emergency treatment. But his owner was poor and unable to afford the medical care that Mommam would need to save his life. Victims of abuse like Mommam cannot survive without people like you. Will you help? Go to to help now.Mommam suffered life-changing injuries to both right legs. His front leg was severed completely. Sadly, it could not be saved and was amputated. Mommam is now getting treatment from Soi Dog vets, and the battle is on to save his back leg. You are a special part of Momman’s story. Because you can make sure it has a happy ending. Please show Mommam you care and make a donation to help him heal: that Mommam has gotten pain relief for his horrific injuries, his joyful spirit is coming back. His tail is wagging and he is able to walk – or jump – using his left legs alone. Meanwhile, the person who attacked Mommam is facing criminal charges. If you are outraged that someone could do such a heinous thing to an innocent dog, please act now and pledge to care for the victims of abuse today:’s recovery would not be possible without you. Thank you for helping him!

Posted by Soi Dog Foundation on Thursday, August 17, 2017


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