Here Are Some Of The Best Dog Halloween Costumes Of 2017


As you prepare to go out this Halloween night and decide what you’re going to dress up as, the dogs of the world have already put on their costumes and are strutting their stuff — and they look better than any of us ever will, so we may as well stop trying now. Here is just a selection of the fantastic dog costumes of Halloween 2017.

There are a LOT of adorable costumes this year, like Little Red Riding Hood and “Granny” …


… Winnie the Pooh …

… a very regal camel …


… and an adorable ladybug.


Some dogs decided to do group costumes with their favorite humans, like these pugs and their sister …

… this dog and his dads …

… and this pit bull and her favorite UPS driver.

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Stephanie Heer

A few dogs decided to stay hip and relevant with their costumes, like Offred from “The Handmaid’s Tale” …

Praise be – it’s Halloween! #Ofdog #HalloWeenston

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… this spooky little guy …

… and Guy Fieri.

Hey Halloween! It me! @guyfieri! 🎃

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Some dogs decided to embrace their inner selves …


… while others embraced their natural shape …


… and one dog simply became what he’s really been all along.

That would be a mop dog, also known as a Puli. A crowd favorite 🙂

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Some dogs decided to go as things their parents love …

… or things they wish their parents would let them have …

… and this dog simply refused to put on his costume altogether, and opted for a pumpkin-colored blanket instead. No one blames you, dog.

Happy Halloween to all the dogs out there. Hope you get all of the treats!

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