Calista A ‘Bait’ Dog Who Lost Her Ears Finally Has a Fresh Start.


Four years ago, a police officer in Phoenix, Arizona, spotted an injured female pit bull wandering the streets. The dog was in such bad shape, it was incredible that she was still alive.

“She was emaciated and covered in ticks,” Jeannette Goldsberry, the woman who eventually adopted the dog, told The Dodo. “She was so dirty, he thought that she was brown, and she was so swollen and scarred, he thought that she was also blind.”


Calista the pit bull
Calista shortly after being rescued from the streets | Jeannette Goldsberry

Perhaps most disturbing of all, the dog’s ears had been bitten off, which suggested that she’d been used in dogfighting, possibly as a bait dog.

“She had multiple bite wounds to her ear,” Goldsberry said. “One of her ear flaps was completely severed; the other one was rotten and decayed and not preservable.”

Pit bull with injured ears
Jeannette Goldsberry


Source: The Dodo

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