Cruel Crime: stray dog was killed in front of her puppy—What he did was so depressing


This week in Tunisia a new campaign has been started to kill stray dogs and will last more than 6 days.
One of this campaign victim was a poor dog that left behind her a little puppy alone.
All the neighbours was shocked because she was so friendly and didn’t deserve that sad, cruel end. They took care of her and they loved her very much.

The most depressing thing about all of this is watching the little puppy that still breastfeeding and not aware of the catastrophe that just happened.

This cruel, barbaric crime committed by the Tunisian government against poor animals must stop.
Stray animals like dogs have rough lives, not only because they’re living on the streets and fighting for survival every day, but they’re also at the mercy of cruel individuals who may cross their paths and make their lives even harder.
They are innocent creatures and have the right to have a peaceful life.

Watch the video below:

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