Dad Saves Abused Puppy’s Life, But It’s The Dog That Ends Up Saving His Child’s Life


Dogs are some of the luckiest creatures on the planet. All they ask for is a little bit of love and affection and they give us so much in return. Unfortunately, there are some dogs who do not get the chance to reside in a loving forever home. These dogs are subject to abuse and cruelty. Many of them are also taken to shelters, where they have little to no hope of survival.

Patriot the dog was one of these shelter dogs. Misty and Kevin Marlin happened to be in the process of doing research, in hopes of finding the perfect pet for their son Tyler. Tyler was 10 years old at the time and struggling with autism.

Kevin decided to do some research on the matter and he learned that dogs like Patriot could be good for Tyler’s development. Not only did pet therapy work wonders for his son, but the effect was profound enough for the boy to be taken off of certain medications. Kevin was not content to let the story end here, though.

He knew that pet therapy could help other kids as well. Thanks to his experience as the director of Orange County’s Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, he knew that it was important to keep animals safe. One day at the shelter, Kevin noticed Patriot’s snout injuries. The dog was soon transported to the animal hospital for further assistance.

From there, Kevin knew that he needed to help this dog find a new home immediately. He needed surgery to repair his wounds. Patriot made it through the procedure with flying colors and was brought home to stay with Kevin and his family. As the days passed, Patriot became a loving member of the household and he also found his purpose in life.

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He was a great service dog for Tyler and this gave Kevin a wonderful idea. The Orange Country District Attorney’s Office was starting a new program. Dogs like Patriot would be given the chance to use their awesome healing powers. Abused children who are in need of nurturing can now hug and pet Patriot to their heart’s content. Thanks to Kevin’s help, this once abused dog has now found his life’s purpose! Please share this heartwarming story as soon as possible.


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