Dog Adopts Street Kitten As Her Own and Raises Him To be the Happiest Cat.

A tiny ginger kitten with an injured tail was found by a kind-hearted man in Thailand. He took the kitten home so he would have a chance at a better life. From day one, the man’s Golden Retriever Dog volunteered to be the kitten’s surrogate mom.

Meet Honey the cat and Mamiao the Golden Retriever!

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Honey was living a feral life before he was rescued by the kind family. After a much-needed bath, treatment for his tail, and a full meal, the kitten was introduced to their family dog, Mamiao.

“He came to us in 2015. He was only about two months old,” Honey’s human told Love Meow.

As soon as they met, Mamiao fell head over heels for the little feline buddy. She nuzzled up to him to give him some comfort. From that day on, Mamiao stayed by his side every step of the way.

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“Honey seems to think that Mamiao is his new mom,” the family told Love Meow.

Wherever the kitten was, Mamiao was there, too.

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Honey adored his new mama and even tried to nurse on her.

The two became inseparable.

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As Honey grew bigger, Mamiao began to teach him all sorts of tricks – how to play and even drink water from a bowl.

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Mamiao showered her little feline baby with licks and cuddles.

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They play and nap together.

They even go on car rides together.

Honey learned to take walks like a dog from his canine mama.

They are often seen walking side by side on the road with Mamiao watching over him everywhere he goes.

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They have shared many wonderful adventures together.

After a long day, Mamiao lies down next to her kitty and gently kisses him on his forehead.

Watching Bird TV together.


The house is constantly filled with cuddles and purrs.

It’s been over two years since they found each other, Honey is all grown up and as happy as can be. Mama Mamiao is very proud.

Watch their story in this cute video:


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