This Dog Cuddling With A Hot Water Bottle Is Making Everyone Ugly Cry

Pet parents will do pretty much anything for their furbabies, especially if it’s something that’s going to make them wag their tails in delight.

Whether it’s rolling down the window so they can enjoy some fresh air during a car ride or baking them a cake and singing Happy Birthday, the love dog owners have for their furry friends knows no bounds.

This week, the young woman shared two photos of her adorable pupper Charlie, who’s been struggling with the chilly temperatures Mother Nature is beginning to bestow upon us.

Twitter | @shananig0ns

Along with the photos was the following caption:

“I heated up my small hot water bottle for Charlie cause he’s been shivering all night and he’s so happy I want to cry 😭😭😭💘”

Twitter | @shananig0ns

Obviously, @shananig0ns’ tweet has gone viral, and personally, I can’t get enough of it.
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