Dog Dad Spends 3 Hours Carving Pumpkin To Look Exactly Like His Pomeranian

Some dog parents will go above and beyond for their furry children.

From extra-special rooms just for their dog, to getting portraits painted, there are a ton of ways people show love for their pets. I know my family always cast our dogs’ paws into a salt dough to make Christmasornaments, and I thought that was pretty special.

But one pet parent has an even cooler way to showcase his love for his dog.

As Halloween approaches, a dog dad named Andy Manoloff wanted to carve a pumpkin. But he wasn’t going to do the normal jack-o’-lantern that many families do: He wanted to make one that looked just like his Pomeranian, Sophie.

As someone who still has trouble coloring inside the lines, Andy’s project has left my jaw on the ground. He spent over three hours carefully carving the face of his beloved dog into the pumpkin, and the result looks exactly like the real Sophie.

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Facebook / Andy Manoloff

Every Halloween, Andy Manoloff carves an intricate jack-o’-lantern. This year, he carved his Pomeranian Sophie into a pumpkin.

“It is something I look forward to every year, and each year I challenge myself to do something new and more difficult or different than the previous year,” he wrote on Reddit.

Facebook / Andy Manoloff

Andy loves to dress up his dogs for Halloween. Here, they’re all dressed as adorable superheroes.

Facebook / Andy Manoloff

Sophie was the lucky Pomeranian to be chosen as the muse for Andy’s 2017 pumpkin carving.

Courtesy of Andy Manoloff

Andy started by making a sketch of Sophie on the pumpkin.

YouTube / Andy Manoloff

Using an X-Acto knife, Andy carefully carved her fur into the pumpkin.

Courtesy of Andy Manoloff

“I use an X-Acto knife for almost everything,” he explained on Reddit. “However, due to the need to carve so much hair, I also employed the use of some basic clay sculpting tools.”

YouTube / Andy Manoloff

For three hours, he cut out pieces of the pumpkin to look just like his dog. Luckily for Andy, it’s something he really enjoys doing.

“I’ve been doing these super-detailed pumpkins for about 8 years,” he wrote on Reddit. “I enjoyed carving every Halloween as a kid and just kept getting more and more detailed over the years.”

Courtesy of Andy Manoloff

This is the end result of Andy’s Pomeranian pumpkin? Amazing!

Facebook / Andy Manoloff

He’s also carved amazing pumpkins to look like characters from comic books, like this detailed Batman pumpkin.

Courtesy of Andy Manoloff

Here, Sophie sits next to her pumpkin portrait.

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