Dog Finally Catches His Tail — And Has No Idea What To Do Next

World, meet Levi — an adorably determined dog who, after years of trying and failing, finally fulfilled a deep desire that can elude some pups for a lifetime.

But success seems to have filled him with feelings he wasn’t quite expecting.

Tyson Lee Jones

Like many dogs born with a vigilant spirit, Levi was quick to notice that he was always being followed. Indeed, wherever he went, there was something constantly on his trail — wiggling, wagging, taunting, tempting — but alas, always out of reach.

That is, of course, his tail.

Levi had made a habit of trying to capture that rogue appendage, but to no avail. Whenever he’d move in to pounce, it would invariably dart away at that exact moment, as if the tail had been tipped off to his plan. All those failed attempts didn’t keep little Levi from trying though.

And then, one fateful day, his persistence paid off. He finally caught his tail.

Tyson Lee Jones

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