Dog Found Alone, Sad And Trapped, In A Trash Can!

Each year there are countless dogs abandoned, it’s not fair, not nice and certainly not their fault either, they are left on their own to find their own way to survive, but we would never imagine that one would actually be found in the trash, it’s a real shock!

This poor little puppy was found very cold and shivering in the trash can, he looked like he really didn’t know what on earth to do, the poor pup…

The rescuers were alerted to the pup in the trash on Friday and responded to rescue him from his terrible position in the rubbish.

The Birmingham Dogs Home in England were there to get him from the city park where he was, but it was not clear if he was put in the trash or he got in there looking for food and couldn’t escape.

Either way, the poor pup was so cold stuck in the trash can, it was a cold winter day and night, he really needed help and he got it!


The rescue group said:

“Our hearts sunk when we saw it, his eyes peering out the top …It’s enough to make anyone’s heart-break.”

From that moment this little pup’s whole outlook on life and his future completely changed for the better, he was not ever going to be lonely again!

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It has only been a few short days since he was rescued and he is really a lot happier and more energetic, he seems to be smiling now and in high spirits!

Even the cold winter outside seems like a nice place now he knows that he is safe and loved…

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PUPPY FOUND IN A BIN ENJOYS THE SNOWHere is our little soldier enjoying the snow today. It was quite chilly so we didn’t keep him out too long without a coat on. Quite a change from where he was on Friday.

Posted by Birmingham Dogs Home on Tuesday, February 27, 2018


Credit: doggiescare


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