Does your dog lick your feet? There are few reasons behind this and it will surprise you!


If you have ever been a dog parent you’ll know their obsession with licking in general. It doesn’t matter whether your feet are sweaty or dirty, they will lick it like its the sweetest ice candy ever! However, this quirky behaviour can have serious reasons behind it which point to your pooch’s well being!

Dogs might see it as a way of caring for their owners. By licking your feet, they are grooming you. If you look at the animal kingdom, most of them show their love by licking each other.

Another reason can lie in how you react to the licking. If you rewarded your pooch with a belly rub or scratch the last time they licked you, then that might have encouraged the behaviour.

Licking might not be related to you at all. The pup might indulge in such behaviour to calm himself down. Dogs sometimes try to replace the missing nutrients in their body by licking your sweaty feet. It can point towards stomach related issues as well. It might sound odd but your dog can just like the taste of your feet!



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