Dog With Unique Face Just Wants A Family To Love Her


Life on the streets can be hard — just ask Sid.

All you need to do is look at her sweet face to see the years of pain and suffering etched across it.

And yet, she still smiles.

Picked up as a stray on the streets of Fort Worth, Texas with a small puppy by her side, the white Canaan dog desperately needed a second chance.

Her rescuers immediately noticed her odd lopsided expression, making the young dog appear perpetually quizzical, along with a scar reaching down the right side of her face. At Fort Worth Animal Care and Control, shelter staffers discovered that not only was half of Sid’s face paralyzed from a traumatic injury, but she was deaf, too — something fairly common in white dogs.

Despite her injuries, Sid proved to be an incredibly loving mom, doting on her puppy though she couldn’t hear his yips.

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