Horribly Injured Dog Crawls Into Stranger’s House Waiting To Die.Now,He Looks Completely Unrecognizable After He’s Rescued.

If you’re an animal lover or simply believe that all living things deserve to be happy, then the first part of the video below will definitely be extremely painful to watch. The dog in it, Augustus (Auggie for short), was so horribly neglected that he didn’t even look like a dog anymore.

When rescuers found him, Auggie was in a terrible condition, and that’s to say the least. The dog was found with severe mange, ear infections and worms. He looked like he had given up and was simply waiting for that moment when he would die; and it’s completely understandably why the poor dog felt like there was no more hope for him.

Every single person he came into contact with while on the street would be scared and disgusted by the way he looked and would throw things at him to make him go away.

As it turned out, although the dog was in awful condition, it was possible to make a full recovery. The dog received the medical care he so desperately needed, and is now a totally different dog. His transformation will bring tears to your eyes.

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Credit: Hero Animals.

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