Kind man adopts 2 disabled dogs, and makes their lives happier AND easier!


The man who adopted these two handicapped puppies took one look at them, and in his heart, he knew he wanted to give them a loving home.

All living beings deserve to have a loving home in which they can thrive and be happy. Unfortunately, dogs with special needs are not always adopted so readily. But one can be sure that the rewards for people who do, especially in terms of loyalty, can be just great.

Take a look at these two disabled pups, Holly and Susie, best of friends forever, and grateful to their owner for the rest of their days.

When the owner saw how attached the two had become, he made a device for them to go for walks together. Thank goodness for humans like him!

All animals deserve love and care from us humans, even more so those who are physically handicapped. Little acts of kindness can go a long way in making their lives more bearable.

Watch this lovely video of two dogs, both handicapped, out for a daily stroll. Their display of friendship is truly heartwarming!

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