Mama, the shy dog gets rescued but keeps a deep secret well hidden inside her body!


Only a dog can love you more than he loves himself on this planet. Mama, a dog from South Carolina in the USA was pulled out of a shelter with just her young puppy beside her. Initially, she was a shy dog but no one imagined why she was like that. The secret she kept inside her will make you cry your heart out. 

Credit: Facebook | North Shore Animal League America

Mama was a shy and timid dog since the moment she was picked up from the animal shelter in South Carolina. But no one guessed why she was behaving like that. In March 2016, the foster group who kept Mama and her puppy reached out to New York’s North Shore Animal League America to ask if Mama and her pup could be transferred. Once transferred, Mama’s pup easily found a new home, but Mama needed more time to up her social skills.

Credit: Facebook| North Shore Animal League America

It was only later that they found the depths of whatever previous abuse Mama experienced. “In examining her, [vets] felt a couple little bumps on her body”, Cindy Szczudlo, senior manager of rescue services, told The Dodo. “We did an x-ray and it was discovered that poor Mama was filled with birdshots, which is why she’s probably so fearful when she’s outdoors. Somebody must have shot her up with birdshot.” Birdshot’s are small pellets specifically designed to hunt birds.

Credit: Facebook | North Shore Animal League America

Oh, poor dog!

Credit: Facebook | North Shore Animal League America

As the birdshot isn’t harming Mama now, Szczudlo said there are no plans to remove the pellets. Now the goal is to place Mama in a foster-to-adopt situation, where a cheerful home will take her in with love and care. “She’s so friendly and sweet,” Szczudlo said. “When she’s indoors, when she’s with people she loves, she’s very happy, very playful.”

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Credit: Facebook | North Shore Animal League America

Help Mama Find Her Home!

You are about to see a special story about a dog named, Mama (SCR0059).

Posted by North Shore Animal League America on Thursday, June 2, 2016


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