Meet Matilda The Cat, Who Had Alien-Like Eyes.


In 2013, a couple who go by the names of “The Bearded Man” and “The Lady” rescued a 12-week-old Tabby cat named Matilda. At first, Matilda looked every bit the normal kitten, but her owners noticed one of her eyes began to squint on a regular basis.

Even after several trips to the vet, no one could figure out the source of her eye issues. But then a veterinary ophthalmologist discovered Matilda had spontaneous lens luxation, a genetic eye disorder, meaning her lenses had spontaneously detached. Since she also had a collagen deficiency, she would have a hard time healing from injuries and surgery.

The Lady and The Bearded Man decided to let Matilda’s eyes “do what they naturally would.” They wanted to avoid a traumatic surgery at all costs, and for a while, she took eye drops to relieve any pain.

Over time, Matilda’s eyes continued to get bigger until she had gigantic “alien-like” eyes. She was so unique and extra-terrestrial-looking that she has became an internet sensation with thousands of loyal followers!

In March 2016, it was finally time for Matilda’s eyes to be removed completely, as the big eyes that made her so beloved and famous began working against her.

Though Matilda cannot see, she continues to be happy and loved unconditionally by her parents and canine brother.

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Source: Little Things.

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