Mother Dog Tied To A Tree And Left For Dead. When Rescuers Arrived, They Were Shocked To See What She Was Guarding


Pitt Bulls have a bad rap. They are known as aggressive, mean dogs when in actuality you can’t generalize an entire breed. I believe there are no bad dog just bad owners. Dogs are like kids, you have to teach them right or wrong. Any breed of dog can be the sweetest or the meanest depending on how they are raised. But Pitt Bulls have the worst misconception all wrapped around their name. This is a story about one of those Pitt Bulls…

Abandon pit bull mix named Lara was found in a forest near Nafplion, Greece. Lara had been abandoned and tied to a tree. To make matters worse Lara was pregnant. Despite all odds, Lara gave birth in the middle of nowhere, all alone, to 4 healthy puppies. She miraculously kept them alive for 10 days without food, water or shelter until she was finally rescued.

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