Police horse meet french bulldog in city. His reaction to seeing him has stunned the Internet

“Why are dogs so gosh darned friendly?” I often wonder to myself.

Maybe it has something to do with evolution— we kept picking nice, friendly dogs, and breeding them other nice, friendly dogs, until we got even nicer, friendlier dogs. I mean, it would make sense, right?

I honestly have no idea, and apparently, researchers aren’t quite sure either. Some suggest some kind of gene variant; others think they may have been domesticated twice.

Whatever the case, all I can say is that this dog is definitely one of the friendliest!

A tiny, adorable French bulldog in New York City got acquainted with the unlikeliest of friends— an NYPD police horse!

The improbable friendship was captured by a passerby and uploaded to YouTube, where it has since received over 4.1 MILLION views.

It’s an oldie but a goodie, having been filmed in late 2011— around the time when the Occupy Wall Street movement was still in its prominence.

As the video begins, you can see a crowd huddled around a brown police horse. Look closer, however, and you see a French bulldog who looks like he wants to join in on the fun.




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