Poll: Would you support a ban on retail sale of dogs and cats?

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The city of Vancouver is currently looking into the possibility of a ban on the retail sale of dogs and cats, according to a story this week by reporters Dan Fumano and Cheryl Chan.

This comes after a pet store opened in Marpole last month, sparking the concern of local animal lovers and activists who worry about puppy mills.

Kathy Powelson is the executive director of the Paws for Hope Animal Foundation. Her group has given presentations to other municipal governments about banning for-profit retail sales of live pets, arguing the business plan supports puppy and kitten mills, where animals are raised in inhumane conditions.

Granville Pet and Garden owner Ernest Ang, however, maintains the animals offered at his shop are all treated and raised humanely.

Ang said he uses a U.S. company that sources dogs from USDA-approved facilities. He sources most of the kittens from local, small-scale breeders. Two years ago, the store started getting dogs from certified small-scale breeders in South Korea through a veterinarian they work with.

Ang added that if the city puts forward new recommendations for businesses like his, he’s eager to go above and beyond what’s required.

  1. Would you support a ban on retail sale of dogs and cats?

    1. Yes – adopt, don't shop!
    2. No – as long as they are regulated appropriately, it's fine.
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