Professor Finally Lets Student Bring Dog To Class – Dog Doesn’t Disappoint


It’s hard to leave pets behind when you have to go to school or work. If you are in college, especially a college that’s far away from your hometown, it can be even harder to say goodbye to your dog to return to school after winter or spring break.

In a perfect world, we could all bring our beloved pets with us to work and school every day, and our pets would perfectly behave with no accidents or behavioral issues whatsoever.

Sadly, that cannot be a reality for all of us – except for one student, who was determined to make this dream come true.

JJ McGrath, a college student at Grand Valley State University in Michigan, has a treasured friendship with his adorable Golden Retriever, Tahoe.

Golden Retrievers are known for being reliable, smart, trustworthy, loyal, friendly and kind. After all, they are the special breed that got to star in the Air Bud movie series!

One day, JJ decided he didn’t to leave Tahoe behind at home while he was in class.

He sent an email to his Sociology professor with the subject line “Dog”, requesting that he take his precious pup to class with him.

At first, JJ’s professor did not respond to his email. But this didn’t deter JJ in the slightest, so he shortly sent up a follow-up email.

Once again, his email was ignored. So he sent another one, because third time’s the charm!

Just look at Tahoe’s sweet face! That seemed to win JJ’s professor over.

Success! JJ shared the hilarious story to Twitter, where he soon gained over 4,000 followers! Many of his followers wanted to see what Tahoe’s first day of school would be like.

Tahoe was perfectly well behaved in class, and the dog loved being able to spend time with her human companion in the classroom.

In fact, Tahoe loved it so much that she gave some class participation! What a good dog!

JJ thinks everyone should be able to bring their dogs to school. What do you think?

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source: JJMcGrath37 via Twitter

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