Rescue Kitten Who Lost His Eye Gets A Special Eyepatch


When Savannah Anas and her friend heard about a litter of kittens born in the middle of nowhere, all alone and in desperate need of help, they knew they had to do something. They drove two and a half hours to rescue the kittens — and when they arrived, found that one of them had a terrible, life-threatening eye infection.

The sick kitten, later named Scar, was in very rough shape, and the infection looked so terrible that Anas was worried he might not make it. She rushed him to the vet as quickly as she could, eager to save his life — and was given some very grim news.

“Scar was so tiny at only 2 weeks old and 8.5 ounces, that the doctor would not be able to hook him up to monitors, fit a breathing tube down his throat, or know how the anesthesia was affecting him during the procedure,” Anas, a marine biologist and animal advocate, told The Dodo. “This made it an extremely high-risk surgery.”

The vet told Anas that while there was a high chance Scar wouldn’t make it through the surgery, he also probably wouldn’t make it without it. They decided to risk it, and went ahead with the surgery in hopes of saving Scar’s life.

Miraculously, it worked. The vet was able to remove Scar’s eye and all the surrounding infected areas, and the tiny kitten made it safely through the surgery. As soon as she heard the news, Anas knew that Scar was meant to be hers, and took the miracle kitten home with her.

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Because Scar was still so young, Anas had to bottle-feed him every two hours, but now, Scar is a happy, healthy little kitten, and has no health issues whatsoever. His only quirk is that he’s missing his eye — but his new mom found a way to fix that, too.

In order to help keep his stitches clean and safe after his surgery, Scar’s mom decided to have a tiny eyepatch made for him. She often had to take him to classes and on errands as he was so tiny, and he wore the eyepatch everywhere he went with her — much to the delight of everyone he encountered.

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