Sheep in Western Australia raised with dogs thinks he’s one of the pack


A sheep which was adopted as a lamb and raised with dogs in Western Australia has grown up to think he is one of the pack.

Stewie the sheep, from Bussleton, has picked up certain mannerisms from his two four-legged flatmates Fyfe and Boo.

“He follows Boo like he’s the leader of the flock,” Susie Reilly told Today Tonight.

Stewie even joins his pack during their daily walks.


Source: Today Tonight

The animals’ owner Susie Reilly puts leads on all three of them.

“He sleeps on the dog bed outside during the day. He even sniffs light poles when we go walking sometimes, so yeah, he’s definitely a dog,” Ms Reilly said.

While some locals have seen the unusual trio being walked before, they still get excited.

“I think more people now are like thumbs up and you know toot the horn and everyone waves.”

Source: Today Tonight

Ms Reilly was inspired to get Stewie after rescuing a sick lamb from the side of the road.

“I’d had my first little lamb, Cutlet, for four days and then he passed away and I liked the idea of having another one so I put the call out on Facebook.”

She adopted Stewie when he was one-month-old. He was cute but also a handful, describing him as, “a naughty puppy and a toddler all rolled into one.”

“He’s not so bad now he’s older, but when he was smaller he was terrible, like he’d jump on the kitchen counter and just yeah lucky he’s too fat for that now,” Mr Reilly joked.

Source: Today Tonight

While Stewie can’t perform the same tricks as his canine pals, he is still a beloved member of Susie’s pack and she claims sheep make great pets.

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But if you’re considering a sheep as a pet – bear in mind, different councils, have different rules.

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