Sirga Was left To die, But She Was Saved By A ”Miracle”.

Meet Sirga! She’s a lioness living in Kalahari, Botswana and she is changing the world’s perspective on lions one pounce at a time.

Sirga was rescued by conservationist, Valentin Gruener. Valentin is the co‑founder of the Modisa Wildlife Project- a wildlife conservation that aims to save the lion population in Africa. Sirga is one of the lions at the conservation and her story is quite remarkable.

Sirga was born with two other siblings. Sadly, both of her siblings died shortly after they were born, and Sirga was left by her pride, potentially after being mistaken for also being dead. After being abandoned in the wild, Sirga was only hours from death. That’s when Valentin discovered her.

Sirga was only a couple days old and growing weaker and weaker as the minutes passed. Valentin and his partner, Mikkel, worked endlessly with Sirga in her earliest days at the conservation. They trained her and treated her for illnesses.

Sirga quickly took a liking to the two men and the three developed a remarkable relationship. Typically, lions aren’t human companions! But Sirga was different! Her personality resembled that of a trained house dog!

The two partners are trying to bring up Sirga to be as wild as she possible, but they’re convinced that she’ll be one of the most spoiled lions in the world.

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Credit: PawsomeAnimals.

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