Someone left this dog to FRY in the Spanish sun, muzzle TIED—Then someone found her…


This female warren hound was abandoned and left to die in a field by her heartless former owner. Poor thing! They should have given her up for adoption, rather than dumping her all tied up!

This poor girl was found by Pupekas, an animal rescue organization, on June 21, 2017. Her legs and muzzle were bound up so tightly that she couldn’t move or bark, and could only lie still, completely helpless in the scorching sun.


ADOPTADA!!!NO HAY PALABRAS PARA TANTO MALTRATO!Tras recibir un aviso de auxilio…nos encontramos con este panorama…. Una podenca a la que ataron las patas para que no pueda huir y boca para que no pueda ladrar y pedir ayuda, le esperaba una muerte horrible … Con el calor que hace no sabemos como sigue viva!!! su cuerpo estaba ardiendo y ella sin fuerzas casi inconsciente… Esperanza que así la hemos llamado ha sido trasladada de urgencias al veterinario, donde al ser examinada parece que no hacia mucho ha estado de parto, encontraba al borde de la muerte, deshidratada al máximo, esperamos que todo vaya bien para esta pequeña.Cuando esté recuperada Necesita un buen hogar!!Por favor no gastemos fuerzas en insultos y nos centramos en buscar lo mejor para Esperanza <3 Esperanza va a salir de esta las vitales se le han normalizado y su temperatura ahora es buena. La llevamos para casa ahora necesita buena alimentación y mucho cariño. Por favor Necesita Máxima Difusión para encontrar Adopción .Para adoptar envianos un correo a: pupekas@gmail.comAlmeria se envía a toda España

Posted by Pupekas on Wednesday, June 21, 2017

It appeared that the hunting dog had been discarded like trash and left to die in a field by her heartless owner in Campohermoso, a town in the southeast of Spain.

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Credit: Facebook | Pupekas

It was clear to one volunteer from Pupekas that the animal was near death. She was dehydrated and fatigued, baking in the sun.

Credit: Facebook | Pupekas

The exhausted dog didn’t budge an inch after being untied. They said she wouldn’t have survived for a few more hours if she hadn’t been saved.

Credit: Facebook | Pupekas

The worn-out animal was immediately rushed to a vet to receive medical treatment.

After the checkup, the vet suspected that the dog had just given birth, though her puppies were nowhere to be found.


She was also suffering from canine hemorrhagic fever, a tick-borne disease in dogs, caused by a bacterial infection.

In spite of her illness, hope was not lost. She was taken to an animal shelter to be nursed back to health. The ill-fated canine was subsequently named Esperanza, meaning, “Hope.”

Esperanza gradually got well, and fortunately, she was taken in by a new human mom a few days later.

Let’s hope Esperanza will be well and happy in her new forever home, despite her previous misfortune caused by an irresponsible pet owner.

Credit: Facebook | Pupekas

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