This Adorable Dog Does Happy Dance Upon Hearing He’s Been Adopted After Waiting 4 Years At Shelter.

Dreadlock the dog is almost 10 years old and has been at Soi Dog Foundation’s shelter in Thailand for the last 4 years. He arrived at their shelter with horrendous skin problems and a filthy, matted coat, hence his name.

The old fellow “loves his cuddles and his walks, but he is generally a placid, quiet, older dog, who doesn’t get excited about much,” describes Soi Dog. So they were surprised when volunteer Darren went to tell Dreadlock that he had been adopted and would soon be leaving for his forever home in the UK. What follows next put a smile on my face!

Dreadlock sure knows good news when he hears it! He sure looks like he’s doing a happy dance! I’m very happy that he will have a loving home in his senior years.


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Source: Reshareworthy



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