This Adorable Service Dog Wouldn’t Miss Her Girl’s Prom For The World.


“I’m not weaker because of my disability or because I have a service dog, I’m actually a lot stronger.”

Claire and her service dog, Percie, have always been inseparable — so when it came time for her to attend prom last week, it only made sense that Claire’s faithful pup would dress up and join along, too.

But even during the dance, Percie proved yet again that she’s far more than just a cute companion.


Percie is a medical alert dog, trained to mitigate Claire’s disability by sensing and intervening when a problem begins to arise, allowing her to live a more normal life.

“A large part of my disability are anxiety-derived ‘episodes,’ which can best be described as panic attacks,” Claire tells The Dodo. “Percie can detect my cortisol levels and lets me know when an episode is about to happen based on my levels. This gives me the advantage of knowing before the episode occurs so I can take measures to lessen its severity.”


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