This Dog Escapes Yard To Get A Hug From His Best Friend.


This is Messy — a sweet yellow Labrador who loves nothing more than being a friend. He lives in Thailand with his mom, Oranit Kittragul, but she’s not the only one who benefits from his big heart and affectionate personality.

There’s another dog whose life is made better because of Messy.

Oranit Kittragul

On the other side of the street from Messy and Oranit’s house lives a husky named Audi. His owner is usually gone from home for work, leaving Audi in the yard by himself. Like many pups left alone, Audi sometimes gets anxious. However, thanks to Messy being a stone’s throw away, Audi still has the company of a best friend.

“When he feels lonely and cries, I always ask my dog to see and talk to him,” Oranit told The Dodo. “My dog just looks from my fence and sometime he barks to [Audi]. I don’t know what they are communicating, but he stops crying.”

Audi, it seems, is comforted by Messy — and he finally got to thank him for that.

Oranit Kittragul


Source: The Dodo.


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