Update: Dog Buried Alive with His Paw Sticking Out of dirt Has Died


It was a shocking discovery when a man out walking on Tuesday heard faint whimpering sounds in the area of Saint-Paul d’Abbotsford located in southwest Montreal. He went in search of the sounds, and what he found was shocking – a dog buried alive!  According to Monteregie SPCA  inspector, Linda Robertson, the man saw a paw sticking out of the ground as the dirt moved beside it.

The CtvNews reports the man pushed the dirt away and found the male Bull Mastiff still breathing and very much alive. He called 911, and officers rushed to the area and helped dig the dog out of his grave; a blanket had been wrapped around him. Claude Brodeur, who discovered the dog when he first spotted the paw, stated he walks the area nearly everyday, but because of the rain he had skipped a few days. Authorities helped  to uncover the dog and rushed him to a veterinarian in Chambly. It was hoped the dog would survive.

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After examining the dog, veterinarians stated the dog had been strangled and hit over the head with a blunt object.

“He was wrapped in what looked like a sheet or a mattress covering,” stated Officer Robertson. “If the earth had been right on his head, he probably wouldn’t have survived as long as he did.”

By Tuesday evening, the dog’s heart beat and body temperature began to rise to normal values, and by Wednesday he had been eating and drinking on his own, yet was not able to walk. Later that day, however the dog had a seizure followed by a heart attack and died – most likely a result of trauma he had suffered.

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The SPCA updated their Facebook page with the devastating news:

“Very sad news….our beautiful Boxer whom we named Sugar Ray, who fought so hard to survive, has passed away this afternoon. He was surrounded by the people who loved and cared for him – the vet techs and veterinarians of the Chambly Veterinarian Hospital.
We are heart broken as we know everyone will be. We are so grateful for your love and support towards Sugar Ray.
Details of Sugar’s death are not yet confirmed. We will update you as soon as we have more news.
Thank you…”

Sugar Ray did not have a microchip. Originally the shelter thought the dog was a Mastiff, but on Tuesday evening changed his breed identification to that of a Boxer. In 28 years of investigating animal cruelty cases, Officer Robertson never encountered a dog having been buried alive. Did his previous owner think the dog was dead when they buried him? The SPCA said the Surete du Quebec is investigating what happened and are trying to locate the owner. Anyone with information is asked to call 450.460.3075.

Rest in peace Sugar Ray. We are sorry you were let down by humans. Help this dog find justice. Be the voice for those who cannot speak.

(Photos of dog buried alive via the SPCA)


Source: MCXV


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