Meet Freddy, Britain’s Largest Dog… and His Sister, Too!

Get ready to meet a dog that’s truly a BIG love… Freddy! Freddy is a Great Dane and at over 7 feet tall is recorded as Britain’s largest dog. 7 feet, 4 inches to be exact! Shockingly, Freddy wasn’t always a giant. He was actually the runt of the litter. Can you believe that?

When Freddy’s human, Claire Stoneman, met the pooch he was only 5 weeks old. She adopted Freddy and his sister Fleur. Stoneman says, “He just started growing and growing and growing.” Stoneman is a cab driver and literally spends a small fortune feeding Freddy and his sister. On average, Stoneman spends $120 per week! That’s nearly $500 a month! Yikes!

Because of their size, the dogs can’t help but kind of take over. Stoneman’s house is now, let’s just say, um, lived in … LOL! Fleur isn’t so tiny herself. Two dogs at this size is a lot of canine! But their human wouldn’t have it any other way.

Stoneman explains that Freddy and Fleur are her children and her life is complete because they are such a big part of it. Get it? Big? HA! Could you handle dogs this size? Wowzer! The more to love, am I right?

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Credit: ilovemydogsomuch



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