This Stray Dog Crawled Up A Driveway After Being Hit By A Car.Look At Her Today and You’ll be Surprised.

A black Labrador retriever stray from Ohio was hit by a car and seriously injured. Here’s the story of how she found the will to survive.
Having sustained life-threatening injuries, the dog refused to give up. She crawled slowly, painfully, up the nearest driveway in search of help. Her back legs were dangling behind her as she dragged herself to a house. The owner of the home, Beth Menzel, saw the dog struggling up her driveway and went out to help her.


 Menzel rushed the dog to the nearest animal shelter, hoping that a vet would be there to assist. Menzel got more than medical help for the dog. The entire community stepped up to give this dog, named “The Unsinkable Molly,” another chance at life!

A local rescue offered to find Molly a foster home, and that’s when she met Susan and Matthew Hickman, who loved her at first sight. The shelter raised money to pay for Molly’s multiple surgeries, physical therapy, therapy wheelchair, and medications.

Molly had a loving family and the ability to move around with assistance, but she didn’t stop there! With continued physical therapy and lots of love from her beloved owner, Matthew, Molly began to walk on her own! Her first steps were tentative and wobbly, but soon, she was hopping on her back legs, then using both of them, and even going up and down stairs!
The best news of all? The Hickmans made the decision to adopt Molly and make her a permanent member of their home. Now Molly will never be left alone and broken on the streets again.
Watch the beautiful video below recounting Molly’s rescue, rehabilitation, and adoption.
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Source: Pawpulous



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