Instead Of Training Their Dog To Accept The Crate, They Just Stuffed Him Inside


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Crate training is seen as a hassle by many dog owners, especially when their dogs straight up refuse to have anything to do with these enclosed anxiety-inducing “doggie prisons”. But crate training can actually help condition dogs in a positive manner. When done in the right way, crate training infuses a sense of security in dogs and gives them the feeling of a “safe space”.

Source: Nicholas Gemini/Wikimedia Commons

In most cases, crates come in handy while leaving dogs unsupervised. However, it becomes absolutely essential to crate train dogs for long distance travel by air. Expert dog trainer Cesar Millan has devised a useful set of steps that can be effective in helping dogs get comfortable with crates.

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As demonstrated by Cesar in this video, crate training should be initiated by first making sure that the dog is adequately tired, as that would motivate the dog to rest in the crate. There are various behavioral nuances that the owner must consider during the training. With the right body language and energy, it certainly gets easier for the dog to “accept” the crate.

Source: marlothomas/YouTube

A general factor that every owner must remember is to choose a crate that is comfortable and spacious enough for their dog. It’s also a good idea to introduce cushions and toys in indoor crates to make it more appealing for the furry lot. At the end of the day, it’s more of a mental training than a physical one.

Click the video below to watch Cesar Millan’s guide to training dogs for crates effectively.

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