Dog Leads Owner To Basket Of Abandoned Puppies In Field After Hearing Their Cries For Help

In January 2019, Christian Eiermann took his dog for a walk through a waterlogged field in Bali, Indonesia. He normally popped in his headphones to listen to his favorite podcast while walking the dog, but on this particular day, something told him to keep his ears and eyes open.

Suddenly, Christian’s dog started acting strangely, desperately trying to pull him over to one particular area of the boggy marsh.

The pair heard the sound of faint cries and whimpers. Christian’s dog kept pulling and pulling, so he let the dog lead him farther into the flooded field.

Christian kept following his eager dog until they made the shocking discovery: a basket containing four abandoned newborn puppies.

These poor little pups were soaking wet and covered in dirt. And though it remains unclear as to how or why they were abandoned there, Christian breathed a sigh of relief knowing his heroic dog had found them before it was too late.

Christian quickly set up the puppies in a temporary foster home with a mother dog so the puppies could be weaned. “The puppies wouldn’t have survived without the mother dog,” he told “One of them refused to drink from the bottle. She was drinking for the first time this morning from the new mother.”

These lucky pups are now on their way to find their loving forever homes.

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