Dog Treads Water for 3 Days Until Someone Finally Hears Her Bark For Help

A dog left behind by her owners in Hurricane Harvey tread water for three days before her cries for help were finally heard. A group of rescuers were helping with the rescue efforts when they heard the dog barking.

“When Hurricane Harvey hit Houston my best friend and I traveled to help with the rescue efforts with my boat,” writes the officer who uploaded the video. “We heard this dog barking. She was in waist deep of 4-feet of water swimming in the backyard where she had been for several days.”

He explains they were driving by on their way out back to boat ramp to go to another area, when they heard the dog barking – it was her way of asking for help. He points out there was no place for her to lay down in the submerged yard that was surrounded by a 6 foot fence.

A man named Bill lifted the dog up and out of her watery prison and handed her over the fence. She was “happy as hell” to be in their boat, but so tired she could hardly stand up. She gratefully wags her tail and is even more happy when Bill cracks open a can of dog food for her.

They found a name tag on “Sweetie” and said they would call her owners, although the officer said he wasn’t happy how she had been found. “How anyone could leave their dog is beyond me,” says the officer. “Someone left ‘Sweetie’ to fend for herself which is actually quite terrible.”

But they have nothing but praise for Sweetie and her survival skills. “Michael Phelps of dogs for sure,” the officer says good-humoredly. What an amazing survivor! Share Sweetie’s rescue with your friends and family.



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