Rescued Deaf Dog Learns Sign Language After Few Months Of Training.

Cops who were working a New York City beat recently found a four year old pup tied to a fence. Can you believe that this adorable animal was found without any sort of access to food or water? The officers elected to do the right thing and bring the animal to their local American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals chapter for assistance.

Once the dog had arrived at the ASPCA, one of the managers came to a very startling discovery: the animal was totally impervious to all noises. It was at this time that the challenges that Blue was facing became abundantly clear. While they believed that the animal was merely afraid at first, they soon realized that she was fighting a very difficult uphill battle.

Whenever they opened the dog’s kennel, the animal was able to sleep peacefully through any and all commotion that was created. From there, her hearing was tested by dropping a series of objects on the floor where she sat. The animal was never startled by any of the noises that were created and a vet soon came to the conclusion that Blue was deaf.

The ASPCA staff worked tirelessly to provide the dog with the tools that she would need to understand a series of nonverbal commands. They eventually developed a form of doggy sign language and their level of commitment to helping Blue make it through this challenge is one of the most touching things that we have ever seen.

Thanks to all of the work that has been put into Blue’s hearing difficulties, it is expected that she will have a far greater chance of finding a forever home that suits her needs. She is still not able to hear, but she is now fluent in several other languages. She knows how to speak fluently in the languages of belly rubs, treats and cuddles and we are grateful to the ASPCA for the time and effort that they put in.

The dog is certainly hard of hearing, but that does not make her any more difficult to love. This is the type of animal who every family should want and if you would like to find out more about her amazing story, please be sure to check out her adorable video. Share this clip with your closest friends and loved ones, so that she is able to locate the forever home that she deserves.


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